Sport Fishing

The season runs from November 1 to May 31.
Río Reñi Leuvu: It flows from West to East and originates in The Andes Mountains. It comes down from Chile with clear and fast waters, inhabited by rainbow and brown trouts. The modality is mandatory catch and release fly fishing.
Trocomán River: It originates in the foothills of the Andes Mountains above the Las Damas Valley. With greenish and calm waters, it is more reminiscent of a river of the old continent than the classic mountain rivers.
Ñireco Stream: It originates in the Lauquén Mallin lagoon, crossing the whole field until it flows into the Reñi Leuvu River. It is a stream of clear waters all year round, and offers the possibility of catching rainbow and brook trout. It provides excellent fishing throughout the whole season, ideal for nymph fishing and dry fly.
The Nahueve, Lileo and Neuquén Rivers and The Lauquen Mallin , The Cerrillos, Epu Lauquen, Negra and Húaraco Lagoons, among others, are located within a 40-km radius from the farm.